Bobbiny Macrame Cord 3mm

Bobbiny Macrame Cord 3mm


Premium Macramé Cord 3mm
Length: 108 yards (100 meters)
Weight: 330g

Plain - 100% recycled cotton

With sparkle - 98% Recycled Cotton, 1% polyester, 1% poliamide
Single Twist Cord - 56 fibers

Bobbiny macrame cord is super soft, smooth, knots beautifully and gives amazing fringes and tassels. It is sustainable and 98% made of recycled cotton.

How it is produced:
1. Old clothes and textile waste are collected and sorted by color.
2. They are cut into consistent smaller pieces and shredded.
3. Selected colors are blended to gain an amazing shades of yarn. The colorblend process allows consistent color matching with no dyes, no water and no chemical products applied!
4. Cotton is spun to achieve the softest and finest yarn.
5. Yarn is twisted into Premium Macramé Cord
The inner spool is made of recycled paper and biodegradable.

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