Crochet Surgery

Crochet Surgery


Come and crochet with me!

At The Fibre Lounge, we specialise in crochet and run weekly sessions with a maximum of 10 attendees. Whether you are a beginner, or looking to improve - these workshops are flexible to all abilities, there is no set agenda, you can work on whatever you wish to work on.

Beginners start off getting to grips with holding your hook and yarn with a simple granny square. Once they are more confident, we move on to which ever projects they wish to work on. 

Improvers tend to have projects they would like to work on, but we are also able to provide help and inspiration in finding a project to help develop your crochet skills.

The sessions are Sunday 6-8.30pm, Monday 7-9.30pm (moving to Wednesday in August) and Thursday 9.30am-12pm, please bring along your hooks and yarn, or we have items you can buy in the shop if needs be. Tea/coffee is provided.

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