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Secret Yarn Stash

Hi, my name's Louisa and I'm a yarn addict...and if you're here, you probably are too! Do you love squishing it and trying out new ones but aren't always sure which to choose? Will it be as soft as it looks? Is it worth all my hard earned monies?

Well, you're in the right place.

Secret Yarn Stash is a monthly themed subscription. It has been designed to take you on a yarn journey, trying out all different types and suppliers. There are no patterns included, you are free to chuck these delicious yarns at the mountain of projects that I'm sure you have waiting on your Pinterest and Ravelry accounts! We feature a different indie dyer each month, and support a variety of small businesses with this project. The contents of the box remain a total secret until your packet of loveliness arrives…although I do tend to let slip who our dyer is each month…

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Box options

  • Slimline - includes 100g indie dyed yarn only*

  • Slimline Extra - includes 200g indie dyed yarn only*

  • Standard - includes 100g indie dyed yarn*, 100g commercial yarn plus goodies

  • Extra - includes 200g indie dyed yarn*, 100g commercial yarn plus goodies

*in your base weight choice - dyed exclusively for us by a different indie dyer each month

How it works

The subscription window is open between the 1st - 14th of each month. During this time, there will be a "subscribe" button, and this is also the time to contact us to make any changes/cancellations to your subscription.

Payment is made in advance, ie you will pay on the 1st May for Junes stash. Payment will be taken the same date each month for the next months stash. Packages will be dispatched during the first week of each month.

Once you have subscribed, your monthly payments will continue to be taken on the same date each month until you decide to cancel.

CancelLing your subscription

If you decide to cancel your subscription or need to change your details, email us at asap. Deadline to cancel or change subscription details is the 15th of each month. 


We are now able to ship worldwide! Please select the correct option when subscribing. Every effort will be made to ensure your receive your stash at the same time as everyone else.

Got a request or suggestion, or fancy signing up to be one of our suppliers, we'd love to hear from you!

The information we take when you subscribe is used to manage your subscription, send your packages and to help us understand our customers interests. Information is stored securely and is only stored for the duration of your subscription. For more information on our data handling, please read our Privacy Policy

  Prices start from £18 per month including postage

Prices start from £18 per month including postage


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