Stash Swap

I think it's safe to say...when it comes to yarn...we all have a stash. Some of it was inherited, some of it was impulse bought, some of it is leftover from finished projects, some of it is leftover from never started projects...either way, it probably needs a Spring clean (and make room for more yarns...)

And who knows, the yarns you may never use may be exactly what someone else is looking let's swap!

On 12th May 2018 we will be hosting our very first stash swap, and you are invited to bring in unwanted yarns and trade them with other donations. We will be accepting yarn stash donations between 01/05/2018 and 09/05/2018, please don't bring any stash donations on the day of the event. We will weigh your donation and you will receive a swap voucher for the big day.

Head back to the shop on 12th May 2018 between 10am-1pm to have a mooch through the stash piles and take away the equivalent weight of yarn. Or, if you are really looking to downsize...take less than you gave...eep!

Any stash items left after the event after 1pm will be available to purchase at £1 per 50g, with all proceeds being donated to Mind.