See-Saw Scarf

I’ve never been a shawl maker, always more of a cowl kinda girl, and until this year 4 ply yarn terrified me. But over the last few months I’ve become obsessed with the stuff and found pure enjoyment from combining it with larger hook sizes. I don’t think you’ll ever convince me to use a teeny tiny hook, but the jury is out.

The obsession began when I saw a set of mini-skeins from RiverKnits in my perfect colour palette…the only issue was it was only available in sock weight…so obviously I bought it anyway. I created the scarf in the picture using the yarns using a 5mm hook and I absolutely loved making it. And you guys loved it too! I’ve had so many requests to write it up, so…I have.

wall 4.jpg

I’ve called it the See-Saw Scarf as it comes to a point at each end, with one increasing on the right side and the other decreasing on the left. It encapsulates the ups and downs we’ve faced this year since embracing the high street. This pattern uses just one skein of 4 ply yarn, but you could easily make it longer with two skeins by carrying on with the fillet section until you run out of the first skein, and then carrying on with the second - I may write up a longer version in the next few weeks.

For a printable version of this pattern, head here.

To make this scarf you’ll need approx. 100g/425m 4ply or sock yarn and a 5 mm crochet hook

UK Terms used throughout

CH - chain

TR - Treble Crochet

TR2TOG - Treble Crochet 2 together

Make a slip knot  

Row 1 ch 3, tr into 3rd ch from hook, turn (2 stitches)

Row 2 ch2 (counts as 1st stitch throughout), tr into same st, tr into last stitch, turn (3 stitches)

Row 3 ch2, tr across, turn (3 stitches)

Row 4 ch 2, tr into same st, tr across, turn (4 stitches)

Rows 5-67 repeat rows 3&4 until you have 35 stitches (ending on a row 4)

Row 68-78 repeat row 3

Row 79  ch 3, *sk st, ch 1, tr in next st*, repeat across, turn (18 stitches, 17 spaces)

Row 80 ch 2, tr across into every stitch and space, turn (35 stitches)

Rows 81-120 repeat rows 79 & 80

Rows 121-130 repeat row 3

Row 131 ch2, tr across until last 2 stitches, tr2tog, turn (34 stitches

Row 132 ch2, tr across, turn (34 stitches)

Rows 133-196 Repeat rows 131 & 132 until you get down to 2 stitches remaining, fasten off and weave in ends.

louisa sheward