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Hi! I'm Louisa and I'm a freelance crochet designer and tutor based in Hertfordshire.

I began crocheting at the age of 5 when I was taught by my grandmother. I've muddled my way through for the last 24 years and decided this year to share my humble yay! I'm determined to help clear the "frumpy" name sometimes associated with crochet and prove that you can make super awesome modern things just by twiddling some yarn! I also hold a big torch for the handmade world, I love crafts and crafty people, and will always do what I can to support small business with my own.

I live with my partner and our daughter, Elliotte. We have no pets bar a 6 foot caterpillar named Colin who lives in the living room. I'm obsessed with Disney, Harry Potter and Johnny Depp. Oh and Christmas. Christmas is good.

Say Hi! I promise I won't bite. Can't say the same for Colin...